Kooky, my favourite word … like, ever!

I want to do something special. I want to share some love with random strangers. Let’s brighten someone’s day by picking up a pen and showing them we care!

❤ Kooky Love Project ❤

Our world lacks so much human contact and personality. Let’s share not only a short period of time but a bit of us, to someone who might need a little cheering up. Someone who might be sick, or depressed, or recently going through some hardship. You in? Of course you are! Click here to email me your details and let’s spread some kooky kinda love!

Do you know someone who could use some cheering up? Is there someone in your life that you know will appreciate a little spontaneous, snail mail, flash mob? Let me know here … I have some pretty super dooper amazing people who are waiting anxiously to share their own kinda love with them.

Thank you for your support, it is amazing what we can do as a community, when people come together to make another smile!