Hi all! 

Our very first mail out day is almost upon us! Yes, on the forth of February 2017, I will release the very first recipient of our Kooky Love Project. Eeeekkkk! Who’s excited?

Just so everyone is aware, this is something we do from the kindest of our hearts. I’ve had a few people ask me, what’s in it for me? Or more so, what do I get out of it? I can confirm, I make nothing from this. Only spreading some joy to people who need a little lovin’. 

I’ve been low, just as many of you have! I’ve experienced pain, loneliness and pure sadness. These emotions can distance yourself from people and sometimes, something as simple as a generous thought, can make this persons day. 

So that is where Kooky Love Project originated.

I’m sure you can all spare five minutes to write a few kind word down and spare the postage to send those words, as your actions can make such a difference to someone who is alone, or at least feels alone. 

Our world can be a cruel place, let’s make a change!

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