These days, the whole snail mail/pen pal thing can be pretty intimidating! 

If you’re stuck for inspiration, Pinterest is always pretty solid for ideas! I have a snail mail Pinterest board you might want to check out! 

But until then, here are my five favourite snail mail ideas!

1. Add a little something

Sometimes all you need to do is send a little kooky love! Something that is a little piece of you to share with a stranger.

2. Create a book of you! 

Creating a fold out card that consists of little pieces of you, allows your reader to get to know you! It doesn’t have to be much, maybe a favourite quote, your favourite colours or even something you’ve created yourself!

3. Cheating is a bad thing!
Have you seen those kickass envelopes, the ones that are hand drawn and look ah-maz-ING? Well, if you are like me, you look at those envelopes and wish like crazy that you could make something like that. Now you can! These envelopes are PRINTABLE! Yep, you guessed it! Print, write, post! Viola! 

4. Waste not!

Now I love these babies! Sharing some kooky love has never been so easy! Cut some hearts (you can print the little messages) sew them together, (or if you aren’t handy with a needle and thread, use some glue) and fill them with your leftovers from the hole punch! 
5. Sending calming vibes

Tea is a world wide code for relax! What better way to take a moment for you and share with a friend!

Happy writing my kooky love sharing friends! I’m looking forward to our first share! 

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