I would like to take this moment to welcome everyone to my new site!

I am a blogger from way back, but have stepped away from my personal blog and taking some time to focus on doing something a little more positive.

I have started this here blog to share some love. The world at the moment is becoming a sad and scary place. Let’s shed some light!

I want you to think back to the days when a hand written note would be sent through the mail. Yes, you know what I mean! The days when you would sift through the mail and see a handwritten address and you would smile, because someone thought of you enough to write. Something that wasn’t a bill or junk mail. Remember that feeling of excitement as you tore into the envelope or flipped the post card? That’s what I want to capture again!

Two reasons I bring you here today.

First, I want to build a community of love sharing, letter writing, amazingly beautiful people who want to help others by brightening up their day. Let’s say Sarah Smith has had a rough run, she’s lost her job or she injured herself is feeling down. We can spread some love to her from random strangers all over the state, or country or, could we even say, world! Imagine how much brighter her outlook would be, just to know that someone cared enough to say hi, to take five minutes out of their day to write a quick note or postcard and spent the 70c to mail it.want to join in? Find out more here!


Secondly, I want a safe and fun place that these like minded writers can write to each other. Make a pen friend and know that the person you write to is as they say they are! Ok, a little clearer? My biggest fear, is writing to someone and they aren’t who they say they are. I have a simple two step confirmation process to ensure that you are truly who you say you are. Hoping to eliminate that fear and allow pure love to shine on through! Find out how here!

So again, welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come! So excited to get to know you all and hope that you fall in love with process as much as I have! So let’s go forth and spread some
L O V E ❤

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love that you are doing this. I know there are some similar projects, but they all have something special that differentiates them. I look forward to see


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